Relational Database Storage (taoOutcomeRds)

The taoOutcomeRds extension store results in a relational database, it uses 3 tables.

The first one stores the relation between test taker, delivery and delivery execution. This table is called results_storage.

|.result_id |.testtaker |.delivery |

|primary key | | |

|delivery execution uri |test taker uri |delivery uri |

The second stores the variables (test and item) related to a delivery execution and a call id (the item or test that ask for storage). This table is called variables_storage\ |.variable_id |.results_result_id |.call_id_test |.call_id_item |.test |.item |.identifier |.class |

|primary key |foreign key | | | | | | |

|int |delivery execution uri | |delivery execution uri + item rank |test uri |item uri |variable identifier |variable class |

The last one stores values of each variable in a key value storage. This table is called results_kv_storage\ |.variables_variable_id |.resultkey |.result_value |

|primary and foreign key |primary key | |

|variable primari key |variable property key |variable property value |